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This camp is for high school students who are looking for a western ranch experience.  You will learn how to be a true cowboy, handle a lasso, and heard livestock.  Enjoy a home made meal on the trail by our camp cookie and discover the lifestyle of the western cowboy. 
  Rawhide Camp July 5-8, 2011     
 Additional Info

For students completing grades 9-12. Rawhide Camp is a four day and three night camp.

Cabin Counselors
In the cabins, there is a counselor and junior counselor with a maximum of 10 campers; the ratio is 1 staff to 5 campers.  At the ranch, class sizes vary from 1-6 campers.  Classes are taught by a wrangler with a wrangler-in-training assistant, so that the ratio is never more than 1 staff to 3 campers.  In some cases, campers may be the only one of their riding ability for that week and will have one-on-one lessons with a wrangler.


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